Monday, May 2, 2011

A wonderful wife and godly mother: Happy Mother's Day to Tracy Gray

To be honest, we all know that both Mother's day and Father's day are commercially created. But they can be used as special times to recognize the godly efforts of parents. This year, in particular, I am going to use this blog to recognize my beautiful wife and loving mother of our 6 children, Tracy Gray.

By the grace of God, my wife has brought 6 of our 7 children into this world. The Lord took our 3rd little to be with Him while still in the womb but the child who followed, Ephraim, was born exactly one year to the date it happened.

As I type this, she is now sitting patiently in the hospital with our recent edition, Silas. He has a rather extreme case of jaundice and his numbers were so high the other day that there was talk of liver damage in the near future. Thankfully his numbers are going down now. Our previous son, Esaias, had the same issue spent almost two weeks in the hospital recovering.

During this and the previous time, my wife has stayed with them, feeding and cradling each of our little boys as the Lord was healing them. Her compassion and love for our children is always evident.

Trust me when I say this, my wife is the smartest person I know. She is a licensed Surgical Technologist and has held positions of leadership in previous jobs. She was even asked to come back and teach the Surgical Tech school here locally. Countless students would have sat under her training over the years. Those students would have gone on directly impact millions of lives as they participated in surgeries in various hospitals. Their hands would have assisted in administering healing to many and the saving of an unknown number of lives as my wife herself had done.

Yet, she has come to understand that the most powerful place for a mother to be is with her children. While the Lord has shown me that my family is my first place of ministry, as it is for every father, so I have watched over the years as the Lord has continued such a work in my wife.
This is her second year homeschooling our children. It was a hard thing for her to begin doing but the Lord sent a family to us back in Juneau, AK to help us get started. She now has their lessons and days planned around the education schedule she laid out at the beginning of our school year. I am watching as our children are reading, writing, and learning at grade levels beyond those of public school children. Our 6 year old, Ephraim, is reading at a level two years beyond his own. My 9 year old, Elijah, hungers for science and thinks in such a logical way that I am often astounded at what he comprehends. My 11 year old daughter, Savannah, has a heart for art and reading beyond what I would think a young woman of her age would. Our 4 year old, Solomon, is able to read a few words and has begun working on math. And our 19 months old, Esaias, is forming words, identifying colors, shapes, animals, and other things rather quickly.

I am seeing the results of my wife's dedication to being a mother in the lives of our children. I make no apology for my biblical belief that being at home with the children is the God-honoring place for a mother to be. My wife and I see many young couples today that have made the errors we have in the past and sacrificed precious time and biblical teaching for the sake of a double-income and secular satisfaction. I know that even though this blog is written to exhort my wife, many will believe "Well, that's nice for them but I think I can be just a successful a mother working outside the home". To such a response I would only say this: Maybe you can! Maybe you can be a successful career driven mother with children who are brought up in the Lord, loving Him and honoring their parents. Many do so even today. But results should never be the foundation upon which the Christian home is built. The foundation should be on Scripture alone with the results being for the glory of God alone.

Next to my salvation, my wife is the greatest gift God has ever given me. She loves, me, honors me, supports me, and treats me as the head of our home. We are not perfect...not by any means. We have our faults and little nuances that annoy each other just a bit. But as we both grow closer to the Lord, we in turn grow closer to one another.

My wife is a fantastic mother to our six children. As I have already stated, she gave up what would have been a phenomenal career to play a much more important role as mother and homeschooling teacher of our children. Her love to our children is not just spoken but expressed in her care and attention to each of them. She knows that our daughter looks to her as the model of how a godly woman, wife, and mother should be. She knows that our boys look to her as the model of how their own future wives should be. She admonishes and exhorts them when needed and her love is evident in both her praises and corrections.

Truly our children rise up to call her blessed and I shall praise her in turn (Proverbs 31:28).

Thank you, my love, for being the mother our children need. Thank you for loving them as God has commanded. Thank you for modeling for them what a woman, wife, and mother should be. Thank for your being patient with me. Thank you for submitting to the Lord's design and for desiring to glorify Him in all you do. I love you more!

Blessed beyond measure,

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  1. Pastor Adam and Tracy,
    This is the sweetest testament to so many wonderful things that God is doing and has done in your family. We are so glad that He has allowed us to be part of your lives and for your time here in Juneau. Thank you for honoring Tracy in such a sweet way for Mother's Day and I pray you all get to enjoy it at church/home together. Happy Mother's Day girl!

    May 6, 2011 10:22 PM