Saturday, September 10, 2011

Is Perry Noble that far off?

Maybe you are not familiar with Perry Noble...count that as a blessing. Without going into great detail let me simply say he is one of the crudest, foul-mouthed, slanderous, men I have ever seen stand behind a pulpit. His latest rant though has struck up some concern. With some intro commentary from Todd Friel at Wretched Radio, take a look at the video clip below:

Foul-mouth and PG-13 comment aside, note that he only wants children of a certain age in the sanctuary. Why? Because he thinks they are the only ones who can handle his form of lewdness. But I ask you, is Perry Noble that far off from many mainstream churches?

Think of it, how many churches do not want children in the worship service because they can't "handle" the preaching, the singing, having to sit still for period of time, or interacting with the other members of the church? How many insist that Children's Church (also known as Junior Church) is the only place for these kids? How about the babies? Well, they have that figured out to. Just hand your child off to an experienced workers in the nursery because the service is just too much for them.

I propose that Perry Noble's thinking concerning the role of children in regards to the worship service is simply the logical conclusion many have reached because of their insistence on pragmatism and lack of reliance on the sufficiency of Scripture. Unlike Mr. Noble, I know many of them have good intentions but intentions do not predicate Scripture. One can have the greatest of intentions in any endeavor and yet be just as erroneous in their teaching as this man.

So I close with the same question: Is Perry Noble that far off from many mainstream churches?

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