Saturday, December 10, 2011

Quotes from the "Sound Doctrine" conference

Well, it is still a little early and my brain is still kind of mushy from the training at the NCFIC's "Sound Doctrine" this past week.  I plan to write a more comprehensive blog on some of the powerful points brought up in this conference.  For now though, I figured I would just share some of the quotes I tweeted during that time.  To God be the glory!

Scott Brown
Don't go to a church without a statement of sound doctrine.

Justification is declared in moment, adoption sustains for an eternity.

Christianity has always been a creed-honestly believed, joyfully received, and faithfully believed.

Steve Breagy
Biblical theology must always lead to doxology.

The conscience is free from the doctrines of man.

Dan Horn
We choose the choice that God chose us to choose.

The Arminian view makes man freer than God.

Get a bigger view of God.

Doing what God commanded us to do is not legalism, it's obedience.

Jason Dohm
When faith is resident it manifests itself into something you can see.

We are not saved by good works, but we are saved unto good works.

Jonny White
The person in the Old Testament was saved by grace alone, through faith, alone, in Christ alone.

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