Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Should parents rejoice like this?

Surfing through news stories I came across this video yesterday:

While some may laugh at this mothers dance moves or the knee-slapping way the commentators of the show react, I was honestly appalled.  Here is a woman blessed by God with two children who relishes and celebrates in forcibly sending them back to public school after spending an entire summer with them.  In the interview she stated that this was something she started four years ago and has made it a regular occurrence. When asked why she started doing so, her reply was simply "I'm going to do something fun" thus inferring that her summer with her children was anything but enjoyable.  Laughing along, one of the show hosts reminds her that "You've got about nine more months before the dirge plays."

Before you think this is an isolated incident let me say that I have first hand heard parents shout with joy at the thought of sending their kids back to public school after their summer vacation.  Worse still, such a shout was made during the worship service in a local Baptist Church.  My wife and I both looked at each other in dismay as the mother belted out an "AMEN".  Yet not a single such praise was heard as the sermon was preached.  What does this say about the current state of parenting in our local churches?

Simply stated, it reveals how such parents feel about their children and how our churches feel in like manner.  I do not believe I am being harsh in saying that parents who rejoices at the idea of sending their children off to be indoctrinated so they could have some "mommy" or "daddy" time don't understand what it means to be a mommy or a daddy.  Parents do of course need time to recharge and spend together but this video is not an example of such.

While this woman claims that her children are not embarrassed by her dancing, they are impacted by her actions.  Imagine looking out of the bus windows to see your mom laughing, waving, and jumping around at your departure.  As a child, what kind of influence would this have on how you view your parents and how you desire to honor them (Ephesians 6:1-3)?  What does this action say of this mother's understanding of her God-ordained role?  What does it say of a father who says nothing about this?  What does it say of a church where a member rejoices in similar fashion at the same prospect of freeing herself after a "tortuous summer" of spending time with her children?

If there ever were a time when Malachi 4:6 was needed it would be in our day:

"And he shall turn the heart of the fathers to the sons, and the heart of the sons to their fathers, that I not come and strike the earth with utter destruction."

Until the whole world hears,
Adam (and family)

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