Sunday, September 22, 2013

Where are you?

At least once a month our church, Albemarle Reformed Church, ministers outside an abortion clinic in Norfolk, VA.  It is the closest clinic to our area so it is the most likely to be frequented by women in our part
of the state who are seeking an abortion.  Our children are always with us helping to hold signs and pass out material as well.  We have been blessed to be joined by other brothers and sisters in Christ but have yet to have anyone else from our area, other than the members of our own church, come to plead with us.

This past Saturday (the 21st) was an especially difficult day.  We set up our speaker, signs, and readied the material to hand out.  The clinic had just installed an outdoor speaker in the attempt to drown us out.  Fortunately, it was very poor and no match for the one we were using.  It was more of an annoyance than a deterrent.  The first hour or so very few cars pulled into the parking lot.  I was preaching and made note of this in my message praising God that they were at least not as busy as normal.

Suddenly I noticed a young woman walking up the road towards the clinic.  She had been dropped off by someone down the street rather than the person bringing her directly to the building (what I would later perceive as an act of cowardliness).  The young woman talked with us and told us that she was here for her pre-abortion appointment.  She was only 18, had a 1 year old son at home, and was 3 months pregnant.  Her justification for wanting to murder her child was "I can't have anymore kids right now".  We handed her the 180 movie, a book about the sanctity of life, and other material describing where she could find free services to help.  As is also our practice, I even offered her the option to let us adopt her child and assist in medical expenses along the way.  My wife chimed in noting that she could even take her baby to a "safe-zone" after birth to drop him/her off and they would not ask any questions.  She said that she would not want to just give her child to someone, showing that she had no logical understanding of how loving adoption was in light of murdering the child and it was just an issue of pride for her.

Steven, a fellow Elder at our church, went through numerous explanations of what the current development of the baby was like.  His wife, who is 38 weeks pregnant, also pleaded with her in similar fashion.  When asked how much they were going to charge her for just today's appointment she stated that it would be $140.  We spent a good 10 minutes begging her not to go through with her appointment.  During the entire conversation she simply stood there smiling.  She slowly began walking to the building as we continued to beg her not to go.  Even after she disappeared around the corner I continued to plead with her through the speaker to come back out.

A month before we had received a wonderful report that a young woman in our area decided not to murder her child and went to Albemarle Pregnancy Resource Center where she was given a free ultrasound and information.  The center director had called me and said the woman had changed her mind when she heard us preaching at the clinic.  God graciously altered the course of this woman's life that day.  A few days later as we were outside the clinic we also witnessed another mother changing her mind as well.  We were blessed to be able to give her one of our "Welcome Baby" packages as she left smiling.

With these two wonderful praises I think the events of yesterday's outreach were a little more hard hitting.  How any mother could stand there, justifying the future murder of her child, and smile the entire time is beyond my comprehension.  Towards the end of the morning she came out of the clinic carrying a little brown bag which, I am told, holds medication and information to plan for the day of abortion.  I am assuming that the medication helps prepare her womb to make the slaughter a little easier on her.  Steven engaged her one last time but she kept walking.  When we saw a car stopping to pick her up about 30 yards away Stephen grabbed more material (since it seemed she had discarded what we had given her inside the clinic) and ran towards the car.  He was able to talk to whomever was in the vehicle for a few minutes before they left and give them the additional material.

As I think back on our encounter with the young woman a few questions run through my mind:

1) Where was her father?  Why did he not protect her from her adulterous actions to begin with?  Why was he not there at least after the first pregnancy to help her and call the man who fathered her child into account?  If he was not present in the home, then where was her mother or relatives to do this?

2) Who was the driver of the car?  Why was this person not brave enough to at least take her to the clinic instead of dropping her off down the road?  How cowardly must you be to hind behind a steering wheel and pretend that you are not an accomplice to murder?

Only God knows whether our preaching is still ringing in her ears.  Only He can turn her heart from murder and to Christ.  While I take comfort in this thought I still grieve knowing that if this woman goes through with the evil act a child's life will be snuffed out before he/she is even given the chance to truly live.

Make no mistake, this form of ministry takes a toll but it is one that is much needed.  On the one hand, I praise God that He is using us to reach these women with the Gospel.  Yet on the other hand, I am extremely frustrated that not a single church anywhere in our area is willing to do the same.  I have numerous friends on my Facebook that profess Christ and live locally.  Many of them post about church events, youth gatherings, and how much they love their churches.  So, in closing, if you are one of them and you are reading this right now here is my question to you:


Why are you so unwilling to plead for the life of the unborn?  What is it that is so important that you would forsake this opportunity to preach the Gospel in front of a house of murder on just one Saturday a month?  Why are you willing to spend countless dollars on silly youth events, spend 6 hours listening to pseudo rock music with a few Christian words inserted, travel over an hour to get there, and yet not devote a few hours a month to pour your heart out to these mothers, fathers, and clinic workers who are killing the next generation?  Why is it that you will entice the lost to visit your church with games, bounce houses, raffles and other worldly commercial antics and yet not speak out openly against this modern day holocaust?  Are you afraid of what other might think more than you are of what Christ commands?  Why is it that you are willing to post pictures and quotes on your FB page about Christ and yet not go and share Him with those who are seeking to kill their own children?  WHERE ARE YOU?




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