Tuesday, October 7, 2014

A contrasted view on life

Life...second only to salvation, it is the most precious gift God could ever bestow.  Psalm 127 is reminder to us that children truly are a blessing.  As I sit and type this, my wife is only 10 hours from being induced into labor as we begin to welcome our 8th child into this world.  Every brith, every child is different and unique.  God has beautifully knit each of them, and us, together with features, characteristics, and abilities unlike anyone else. 

The absolute worst abomination in regards to life is to beleive that any human life is unworthy of having the chance to live.  To disregard this basic essential is to negate the fundamental blessing of human existence.  As I read the article "Why I filmed my abortion" my blood boiled.  It boiled with the absolute lack of respect and dignity granted to the life which this woman elminated.  It boiled with the disdain for life she and others have.  It boiled with the utter arrogance that she portrays in regards to the baby she once held in her womb.  But I have come to expect nothing short of this kind of hatred towards children from self-centered, self-righteous (yep, I am using that word correctly in this context) pro-choicers who don't bat an eye at murdering babies. 

Amidst my indignation though there came a peace. A peace in Christ knowing that He is sovereign over all things. That even though the heathen rage against Him, He is not shaken from His throne. And then...He reminds me of precious stories that are constrasted against the hatred towards life some hold tightly to.  He brings to the forefront stories like these and my blood cools, my stomach sinks, and my eyes water.  Watch, cry, and praise God for life:

Blessed by God,
Adam Gray

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