Sunday, October 4, 2015

Two kinds of ministry fruit

It was another sad day at the Choices abortion clinic Saturday morning.  Many fathers and mothers came to have their children aborted at the hands of legally paid assassins.  My oldest daughter joined me as well as my Pastor (it was his first time involved in abortion clinic ministry).  Today, we were given a glimpse of the fruit of regular ministry.

We often look for one type of fruit in ministry, what we would call positive outward fruit.  But sometimes, fruit is used to show us the effective nature of faithful ministry.  Such was the case today with two evidences.

The first is seen in the picture to the right...the increased height of the fence bordering the clinics' parking spaces.  The cement wall behind the fence is what we normally stand on to engage clinic workers and parents who come to murder their children.  It is owned by the Inidian restaurant in front of the clinic.  They have graciously allowed us to stand here and even offered drinks during the hot summer Saturdays.  This spot has proven one of the better locations to reach the parents. I have been able to hand out more tracts and engage more people from this spot.  This new addition makes it impossible to do so now.

While we could create a platform to elevate us above this, we were also informed that we no longer have permission from the owners of the restaurant to stand there.  Choices has posted appreciation in the past to the restaurant for catering events so I believe the owners have simply caved to pressure from the clinic and are trying to remain "neutral".  Simply put...I believe Choices bullied them into this decision.

The reason this was erected was because we have harmed the business of the clinic, women and men have turned away from murdering their children, and countless have heard the Gospel proclaimed from this vantage point.

The second fruit was the increasingly hateful response of the security guard, Marcus, who works outside the clinic each Wednesday and Saturday.  He is normally cordial and somewhat indifferent but today he was rather angry.  He readily admitted a particular sin to another brother who was ministering with us.  Marcus also stated that he was tired of being called a coward and that in the past he would've "snapped a man's neck for that (comment)".

A woman who brought her sister to the clinic came over to talk to me.  As you will see in this video, Marcus became rather agitated when the woman would not give her name immediately:

As we thought on this later, I believe this is evidence of the impact the preaching of the Gospel and the exposure of abortion is having on Marcus.  Week after week he hears sin identified, the reality of abortion exposed, and Christ proclaimed.  The fact that this has an impact on him is hope that his heart may not yet be hardened.

Please pray for Marquesia and her sister.  While they left shortly after this video ended, they came back only 15 minutes later.  Marquesia said she was still tryting to convince her sister not to go through with the abortion but they were still inside the clinic when we left.

Please continue to pray for Marcus' salvation, for this clinic to be shut down, and for all its workers to come to Christ.

For His glory,
Adam (and family)