Saturday, November 5, 2016


To my brothers and sisters who are voting/endorsing Donald Trump,

I have not been silent on social media regarding my position this election cycle but I did not find a case for needing to blog...until now.

WARNING:  The video below contains BLASPHEMY and FOUL LANGUAGE!  DO NOT watch this with your younger children!!!

As much as I cannot stand listening to Bill Maher, there is no denying that he is absolutely correct regarding the hypocrisy of evangelicals who are overwhelmingly voting for Donal Trump.  Even when a pagan who hates God with every fiber of his being states an obvious fact we must admit when he is right.

Evangelicals, by which he is actually referring to Christians, who are voting for Donald Trump have again brought reproach upon the name of the Savior whom they profess.  I am sorry for my brothers and sisters who take offense but this is an undeniable fact at this point.  As Maher points out, you are voting and endorsing a person who time and time again has broken every facet of God's Law without repentance.  As though this were not enough, he even points out that at least the Mormons are consistent...and that hurts!

Even a one-legged man has at least one leg left to stand on.  In your case, you have not only cut both legs out from under you, you have hoisted them high in the air with "MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN" banners nailed firmly to them all the while waving enthusiastically behind your TRUMP/PENCE yard sign.

You stand with us to proclaim the sanctity of marriage between one man and one woman...but you back an adulterous, perverse man who brushes off his reference to a woman as just "locker room talk" as your POTUS!

You stand with us to proclaim the sanctity of human life...but you exalt a man who says babies in the womb deserve to die in certain situations!

You stand with us on the exclusivity of salvation in Christ...but you give hardy approval to someone who says he's never needed to ask God for forgiveness!

You stand with us in declaring the sovereignty of God...but you vote pragmatically and are angered when shown that there is NO biblical basis for voting for this man!

Now, your stance is noticed by unregenerate men like Maher as hypocritical not because he is a hater of God but because he knows how to see through people who profess one thing and do another.

The world will hate those who are the sheep of the Good Shepherd.  They will hate us for declaring Christ as God, the only way of salvation, and all other religions/cults as false and damnable.  They will hate us because of Christ...but now they mock you because of your hypocrisy.

They don't despise you for your stance on Scripture, they despise you because you only stand on it when it is convenient.

They don't despise you for being involved in the political process, they despise you because your political pragmatism is no better than their own.

They don't despise you because of the sweet Gospel you proclaim, but because of the course and foul-mouthed man you now declare as the last vestige of hope for our country.

There are many cases in our country's history where Christians have not lived consistent with Scripture and the lost world has noticed (slavery, unjust wars, abortion) and this is just one more example.  The only difference is now it's televised and one of the most ardent atheists of our day has called you out!

I am sorry that Bill Maher is right in this regard.  We sometimes sin knowingly and unknowingly.  We sometimes speak and act in ways that are contrary to Christ and His Word.  And this is a shining example of this fact.  We have brought reproach to our testimony.

I have no doubt that the lost world will use this for some time as an example of our inconsistency and will further call us into question every time we attempt to declare the truth.  No matter who becomes the next POTUS, Christians have already lost.

But Christ is still King and He reigns for all eternity.  May this be another step in our sanctification.  May you receive this in spirit of Proverbs 27:6.  May He grant us mercy despite our unbiblical decisions and their lasting consequences!

For King and Kingdom,

Saturday, April 2, 2016


Imagine a world where domestic violence was permissible.  The government takes the stance that what a couple does in the confines of their own home is their business.  However, a concerned group decides that this is morally wrong.  They present a bill before their state legislative body as such:

"We have completed extensive research regarding domestic violence and determined that spousal abuse is proportionately higher in regards to husbands physically abusing their wives.  Further inquiry discovered that most husbands engage in this form of abuse between the hours of 6pm and 11pm Tuesday through Saturday.  We therefore are proposing a bill that would make it illegal for a husband to abuse his wife between the hours of 6pm and 9pm."

Hearing of this movement others in another state propose a similar bill:

"After interviewing numerous husbands who have admitted to physically abusing their wives we have determined that the best method to curb this immoral act is to create an opportunity for the husband to hear from his wife her reasons why he should not abuse her.  The husband and wife would visit a abuse mediator who would allow a safe environment for the wife to state her case.  Once the husband has heard her side, the two sign a statement and the husband is then allowed to make an informed decision."
Sounds a bit ridiculous, doesn't it?  If you have been paying attention you likely know exactly where this is going.  Why regulate something as atrocious as domestic violence?  Why simply limit when a husband could abuse his wife?  Why continue to give him the authority to beat her only after he has afforded her the occasion to give a defense against his violence towards her?  Why not simply make domestic violence illegal, punishable, and an unthinkable act?  Great let's ask the same questions regarding abortion.

Let's face the facts, despite some strides the pro-life movement has been a utter FAILURE.  It has failed to abolish abortion from this country.  It has succeeded in regulating abortion and some might say in saving many babies, but apply those same positives to the scenario above.  Imagine saying "While husbands can still beat their wives, our efforts have helped to limit when they could do so and resulted in some women being spared the physical abuse that others continue to endure".

Who's the victim?
Another problem that is finally coming to a head is the determination of who are the perpetrators and accomplices in abortion and who are the victims.  Many will point to the recent flip-flopping comments of Donald Trump as sparking this discussion, but this debate has been going on for some time now.  The "Babies Are Murdered Here" documentary helped to bring this discussion more to the forefront and cause us to begin biblically thinking what the abolition of abortion would look like.

If abortion is illegal then those who perform, pay, and support them must be held accountable for their actions.  Note though that I mean EVERYONE involved must be punished.  The only individual not punished in such a horrific act is of course the the case of abortion, the only victim is the baby (or babies) who died at the hands of the abortion "Doctor" solely at the request of the mother and/or father.

The mentality among many in the pro-life movement is that the mother of the child needs to be protected from accountability for her actions.  Remember though, the mother is the one responsible for the immediate care of the baby in her womb.  When she willingly seeks out an abortion, schedules the act with the abortion clinic, and steps into the room where they will end the life of her child, she is not a victim...she is one of the perpetrators.

She is just as guilty as the mother who drowned her twin boys in the bathtub.  She is just as guilty as the teen mother who murdered her newborn baby girl by stabbing her only moments after she was born.  The mother seeking and following through with an abortion is not a victim....HER BABY IS!!!!

TGC failed...the church and babies
The Gospel Coalition's article responding to Trump's statement is by far one of the most recent revealing published statements that show the true underlying problem with the pro-life movement.  It is non-sensical, illogical, and massively unbiblical as it operates solely in a unbiblical worldview and partners primarily with those who are not Christian (i.e. Romans Catholics).  It is highly unnecessary for the believer to argue or contest against abortion by entering into the arena the world has created.  For too long we have allowed the world to establish the rules, set the boundaries, and define the wording used in the abortion issue.  THAT TIME IS AT AN END!

On April 8th, Apologia Radio and Apologia Church are hosting a live streaming event that will prayerfully ignite the local church and equip them to remove the false pro-life thinking and replace it with biblical positioning.  By working through a biblical worldview and with the work of Jesus Christ in His Church, we can see an end to abortion.

Finally, to the mothers and fathers...
In closing, let me speak to the mothers and fathers who have chosen or are considering murdering their pre-born child.  If you choose to murder your baby through any means, you are a MURDERER.  We say this not because we hate you but because we love you enough to speak the truth.  Unlike those in TGC, placating politicians, and the incrementalist pro-lifers, those of us who seek to abolish abortion actually care for you and your child enough to use biblical language to warn you.

There is forgiveness in Christ, but if you continue to play the role of victim and do not take responsibility for the death of your child you cannot truly be repentant.

May God awaken His Church as we seek to glorify Him by preaching His Gospel and working to abolish the atrocity of abortion.

In Christ alone,

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Apathy or properly informed: Can we vote for the lesser of two evils?

It's a quiet Saturday morning when your doorbell rings.  You open the door to find two men standing before you with a clipboard.  They are dressed in jeans and polo shirts, with one shirt reading "The Vault" and the other "The Den".  They inform you that they are both attempting to purchase commercial property in your neighborhood but were told by the city council that the residents were allowed to decide what type of business to allow.  They don't need every vote but one option must receive the majority.

The first man tells you his business will bring numerous jobs, more than his opponents, to the area.  Many young women will be offered high paying positions as strippers in his establishment.  He promises tight security, increased public interaction, and that his business will support many community activities.

The second man quickly interjects with his proposal.  His business would admittedly not provide as many jobs but have much less liability through its entertainment options.  His adult book/video/novelty store would bring in higher revenue due to their website and online options.

You are handed the clipboard with two columns, one for each business option.  In one of the columns you must write your full name and address, checking the box to cast your vote for the business you would prefer.  Your decision will be made known to the city council as well as your neighbors.  Which do you vote for?

The reasonable answer would be to not vote for either.  You are under no obligation to be a part of allowing either sinful business into your neighborhood.  Of course, your refusal to vote for neither does not mean that one will not set up residence.  In fact, you know your neighbors well enough that you are certain at least some of them will cast a vote.

If the answer to this scenario is so simple, why then do so many well-intentioned believers feel that when they vote anywhere else they MUST vote for the "lesser of two evils".  They insist that voting for one candidate is a right that many have fought for, died, and still defend to this day.  You are almost seen as un-patriotic...and sometimes unChristian...for not casting a vote.  But not casting a vote is a right secured in the same manner as the right to cast a vote.

It's another issue altogether to take an apathetic stance towards voting.  "My vote doesn't matter anyway", "I don't really care", etc. are some of the basic responses of apathetic voters.  But refusing to vote does not always mean one is apathetic.  If they decide not to vote because they have researched and found no candidate that meets the criteria for that office, then their vote is in fact a vote of "No Confidence".  

"But if you don't vote then there is a better chance for the more ungodly candidate to step into office".  

That is true...but not voting for either sends two messages:

1) There were no candidates qualified for the position which in turn tells those who supported the candidates to support and nominate more qualified candidates the next time around.

2) You are more concerned with qualification and following the majority of the group with which you are most closely affiliated.

Shall we simply be as the Israelites in 1 Samuel who cried out for a king to lead them with no regard for God's standard of ruling?  While I agree with others that we are not electing a Pastor or Bible teacher, we are electing someone who must know where justice originates and acknowledges the Highest Authority.  To elect anyone who does not is to elect someone whose basis for morals, ethics, and practice are borrowed from the Christian worldview (as any good presuppositionist knows) but are not rooted in the firm foundation of Scripture.  Such a view can easily be swayed, moved, or altered as the newly elected official's position evolves while in office.

Voting for the lesser of two evils is not only a fallacious position but it simply ignores the third option of giving a vote of no confidence by refusing to support either evil.  Evil does not need our vote, we allow it in power each time we settle on one of its softer supporters.

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Serving the Sovereign Savior,