Saturday, November 5, 2016


To my brothers and sisters who are voting/endorsing Donald Trump,

I have not been silent on social media regarding my position this election cycle but I did not find a case for needing to blog...until now.

WARNING:  The video below contains BLASPHEMY and FOUL LANGUAGE!  DO NOT watch this with your younger children!!!

As much as I cannot stand listening to Bill Maher, there is no denying that he is absolutely correct regarding the hypocrisy of evangelicals who are overwhelmingly voting for Donal Trump.  Even when a pagan who hates God with every fiber of his being states an obvious fact we must admit when he is right.

Evangelicals, by which he is actually referring to Christians, who are voting for Donald Trump have again brought reproach upon the name of the Savior whom they profess.  I am sorry for my brothers and sisters who take offense but this is an undeniable fact at this point.  As Maher points out, you are voting and endorsing a person who time and time again has broken every facet of God's Law without repentance.  As though this were not enough, he even points out that at least the Mormons are consistent...and that hurts!

Even a one-legged man has at least one leg left to stand on.  In your case, you have not only cut both legs out from under you, you have hoisted them high in the air with "MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN" banners nailed firmly to them all the while waving enthusiastically behind your TRUMP/PENCE yard sign.

You stand with us to proclaim the sanctity of marriage between one man and one woman...but you back an adulterous, perverse man who brushes off his reference to a woman as just "locker room talk" as your POTUS!

You stand with us to proclaim the sanctity of human life...but you exalt a man who says babies in the womb deserve to die in certain situations!

You stand with us on the exclusivity of salvation in Christ...but you give hardy approval to someone who says he's never needed to ask God for forgiveness!

You stand with us in declaring the sovereignty of God...but you vote pragmatically and are angered when shown that there is NO biblical basis for voting for this man!

Now, your stance is noticed by unregenerate men like Maher as hypocritical not because he is a hater of God but because he knows how to see through people who profess one thing and do another.

The world will hate those who are the sheep of the Good Shepherd.  They will hate us for declaring Christ as God, the only way of salvation, and all other religions/cults as false and damnable.  They will hate us because of Christ...but now they mock you because of your hypocrisy.

They don't despise you for your stance on Scripture, they despise you because you only stand on it when it is convenient.

They don't despise you for being involved in the political process, they despise you because your political pragmatism is no better than their own.

They don't despise you because of the sweet Gospel you proclaim, but because of the course and foul-mouthed man you now declare as the last vestige of hope for our country.

There are many cases in our country's history where Christians have not lived consistent with Scripture and the lost world has noticed (slavery, unjust wars, abortion) and this is just one more example.  The only difference is now it's televised and one of the most ardent atheists of our day has called you out!

I am sorry that Bill Maher is right in this regard.  We sometimes sin knowingly and unknowingly.  We sometimes speak and act in ways that are contrary to Christ and His Word.  And this is a shining example of this fact.  We have brought reproach to our testimony.

I have no doubt that the lost world will use this for some time as an example of our inconsistency and will further call us into question every time we attempt to declare the truth.  No matter who becomes the next POTUS, Christians have already lost.

But Christ is still King and He reigns for all eternity.  May this be another step in our sanctification.  May you receive this in spirit of Proverbs 27:6.  May He grant us mercy despite our unbiblical decisions and their lasting consequences!

For King and Kingdom,

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