Friday, October 27, 2017

The pagan celebration of Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving seems like a pretty normal holiday.  But did you know its actual origins and the symbolism of many of its elements?  What you are about to read will change your understanding of this day...forever.

The date
The date itself occurs not because of American tradition but because it aligns with many final harvest celebrations found throughout pagan religions.  The polytheistic Greeks and Romans celebrated similar feasts to their gods with their families and in their towns.  While an exact date cannot be identified it is clear that the parallel between the 4th Thursday of November and these pagan events are very closely aligned.

Modern turkeys are believe to have originated in Mexico.  Archeologists have found bones dating back as far as 2000 years.  Some were clearly from meals but others have markings believe to have been associated with ceremonial sacrifices.  Wicaans believe the turkey represents charity and self-sacrifice and hold it up as one of the more prominent creatures of this time of year.

Whether in gelatinous form or freshly picked, cranberries are just as much a staple of every Thanksgiving meal as the turkey.  But their inclusion is not as innocent as you may think.  Cranberries are used by Wicaans because they believe they provide magical advantages.  Their consumption is thought to endow protection to the consumer.  Sharing this with one's family is a way of ensuring this protection covers the entire household.  Think about that next time your open a can or empty out a frozen bag for your meal.

Other food items can be linked to use in other pagan cultures.  It is irrefutably evident that we must cease in using them not just during this false holiday but in other areas of dining as well.

Pumpkins and gourds have been shown to have their root in Druidic practices...hence the need to throw out the carved pumpkins of Halloween.  But what of the other decor?

The yellow and orange coloring is often believe to be copied from the changing leaves of the season. But what does this change represent?  The leaves, which were once a beautiful green, are now dying and falling from the trees.  Thus, the colors are symbols of death.  Using them only highlights the worship of death and dying celebrated by satanists and other pagans.

The innocent cornucopia is the most blatant offender of all.  From a reputable Christian website, the author states:

"Just like Christmas and Easter, Thanksgiving has one major pagan symbol, the cornucopia.  But unlike the Christmas tree or Easter bunny, the cornucopia is linked directly to both Greek and Roman pagan gods.  Their is a plethora of evidence that supports the fact that the cornucopia was in frequent use and display during Christ's time on earth, and it's unlikely that the cornucopia would have been mistaken for anything but a pagan symbol."

I know many will read this and want to hold on to their pagan traditions of Thanksgiving while believing elements themselves are not sinful but have only been redefined by modern satanists and others for their own purposes.  They will say that Christians have allowed the lost world to define the use of these items because we are more comfortable giving ground to the world and letting them encroach on the dominion mandate.  These misguided brothers and sisters will propose that such articles rely more on the research of unregenerate people and quotes from satanists such as Anton Lavey about Halloween.  My response to such claims...they are ABSOLUTELY RIGHT!!!

The truth
Some of what you have just read was found on various websites, some Christian and some wicaan/pagan.  Most of their research is more in-line with X-File ideology and conspiracy theory propaganda than actual historical facts.  This is what happens when we let the world define the terms and stake their claims.  But even if any of these elements were used by ungodly societies, it does not make them inherently sinful.  Why?  Because it's not the item that is sinful but how it is used that can be.

Guns are a perfect modern example of this.  A gun will sit on a shelf forever without killing or even injuring a single person.  In the hands of a hunter it can righteously supply food to a family or be used to selfishly slaughter a massive buck and only remove its antlers for sport.  A gun can be used rightly by a husband and father to defend his family from people seeking to do them harm in their home or it can be used sinfully by an enraged father seeking vengeance for a sinful act against his daughter.  The gun is not sinful and neither are the elements of these holidays or celebrations.

As I've stated in my post refuting some of the myths of Halloween, the satirical approach of this article was to show how easy it is to use myths and false information to support one's position.  Conviction to do or not do something should always be fully informed by truth and Scripture.

As Christians we cannot claim to love truth and yet promote false information.  Christ didn't just say that He speaks truth but that He is truth (John 14:6).  The Ten Commandments are not just a set of "shall" and "shall not" instructions, but are also a reflection of the character and nature of God.  The 9th commandment, to not bear false witness (lying), reflects the truth quality of God.  God is truth and therefore, as those made in His image we are to reflect this character by being truthful.  Intentionally propagating lies and faulty conspiracies is something we as Christians should steer clear from.  This means we need to do better when researching these items.  It may take a little more time, but time is one thing you need when sorting through error to lift up truth.

Follow your biblically informed convictions and do not let this or any other article cause you to sin against your conscience.  My only request is that you ensure your conscience is properly informed by truth and not dissuaded by fear-mongering or conspiracy theorists.

For His glory,

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