Blog rules

 Before posting comments to this blog please make sure you read and abide by the following.  Any comments in violation will be rejected.

1)  No blasphemy (using God's name and/or Christ's name in a low manner or as a curse word).  While this may see odd considering the audience this blog is intended for, you never know when an unregenerated sinner might drop by.

2)  No links to your personal website.  If you wish to advertise your website in this blog please contact me first.

3)   If I ask you in a reply comment to respond to me in an email please do so.  There are several reasons I may ask you to do this.  If you fail to do so after two warnings, none of your comments will be posted afterwards.

4)  Stick to the subject.  If the blog is about a certain topic and you wish to discuss something else please email me.

5)  If you disagree with a post, please give clear reasons why.
Feel free to contact me dir
ectly if you have any questions.  I pray the Lord will be glorified through this blog.  Thanks for stopping by.